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    [project @ 2001-12-10 18:04:51 by sewardj] · 0d1a15fd
    sewardj authored
    Add just enough infrastructure to the NCG that it can deal with simple 64-bit
    code on 32-bit platforms.  Main changes are:
    * Addition of a simple 64-bit instruction selection fn iselExpr64 to MachCode.
      This generates code for a 64-bit value and places the results into two
      virtual registers, related thusly:
    * Add a new type VRegUnique, which is used to label Stix virtual registers.
      This type used to be a plain Unique, but that forces the assumption that
      each Abstract-C level C temporary corresponds to exactly one Stix virtual
      register, which is untrue when the C temporary is 64-bit sized on a
      32-bit machine.  In the new scheme, the Unique for the C temporary can
      turn into two related VRegUniques, related by having the same embedded
    * Made a start on 'target metrics' by adding ncg_target_is_32bits to the
      end of Stix.lhs.
    * Cleaned up numerous other gruesomenesses in the NCG which never came
      to light before now.   Got rid of MachMisc.sizeOf, which doesn't make
      sense in a 64-bit setting, and replaced it by calls to
      PrimRep.getPrimRepArrayElemSize, which, as far as I'm concerned, is the
      definitive answer to the questio `How Big Is This PrimRep Really?'
    Result: on x86-linux, at least, you can now compile the Entire Prelude
    with -fasm!  At this stage I cannot claim that the resulting code is
    correct, but it's a start.