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    compareByPreference: handle the integer-gmp vs -simple case · 86ee74dc
    Alp Mestanogullari authored
    Currently, it assumes the package names are identical and this
    breaks in the case where integer-gmp is in one package db and
    integer-simple in another. This became a problem with
    the commit: fc2ff6dd.
    Instead of following the precedence information, leading to
    the right choice, the current code would compare the
    integer-gmp and integer-simple versions and pick integer-gmp
    because it happened to have a greater version, despite having
    a lower precedence. See
    https://github.com/snowleopard/hadrian/issues/702 for
    a comprehensive report about the problem.
    This effectively un-breaks integer-simple builds with hadrian.
    Test Plan: hadrian/build.sh --integer-simple
    Reviewers: snowleopard, bgamari
    Reviewed By: bgamari
    Subscribers: snowleopard, rwbarton, carter
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D5266
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