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    [project @ 2001-02-20 18:40:54 by qrczak] · 8c2df3ea
    qrczak authored
    Apply tweaks needed to let this compile: remove syn_map argument from
    typecheckExpr in HscMain, import PrelNum.fromInt to modules which
    use integer literals with -fno-implicit-prelude flag.
    It crashes later, on Directory.hs:
    ghc: panic! (the `impossible' happened):
    I'm not sure if resolving numeric literals to top-level definitions
    of fromInt/fromInteger with -fno-implicit-prelude is a good idea.
    Using names from whatever module is called Prelude would be IMHO
    better, probably when -fglasgow-exts is given. Prel* modules themselves
    would import PrelNum as Prelude.
    Both schemes break for fromInt, which is non-standard and by default
    it's visible neither at the top level nor in the Prelude module. My
    proposal for dealing with it is as follows (assuming that fromInteger
    is taken from the module locally called Prelude instead of the top
    level): when the standard Prelude is used, take fromInt from PrelNum;
    when a Prelude replacement is used, use fromInt from it if available,
    otherwise use its fromInteger instead. That way Prelude replacements
    can ignore this non-standard extension and get the expected behavior,
    or they can also choose to use this extension (in a way compatible
    with Haskell implementations which allow to replace Prelude but don't
    have fromInt).