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    [project @ 2001-05-22 13:43:14 by simonpj] · f16228e4
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    	Towards generalising 'foreign' declarations
    This is a first step towards generalising 'foreign' declarations to
    handle langauges other than C.  Quite a lot of files are touched,
    but nothing has really changed.  Everything should work exactly as
    	But please be on your guard for ccall-related bugs.
    Main things
    Basic data types: ForeignCall.lhs
    * Remove absCSyn/CallConv.lhs
    * Add prelude/ForeignCall.lhs.  This defines the ForeignCall
      type and its variants
    * Define ForeignCall.Safety to say whether a call is unsafe
      or not (was just a boolean).  Lots of consequential chuffing.
    * Remove all CCall stuff from PrimOp, and put it in ForeignCall
    Take CCallOp out of the PrimOp type (where it was always a glitch)
    * Add IdInfo.FCallId variant to the type IdInfo.GlobalIdDetails,
    	along with predicates Id.isFCallId, Id.isFCallId_maybe
    * Add StgSyn.StgOp, to sum PrimOp with FCallOp, because it
      *is* useful to sum them together in Stg and AbsC land.  If
      nothing else, it minimises changes.
    Also generally rename "CCall" stuff to "FCall" where it's generic
    to all foreign calls.