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    [project @ 2001-08-16 22:54:24 by sof] · 48e7208b
    sof authored
    Death to GHC_INCLUDE_DIR (well, almost).
    - mk/ get rid off the abomination of having SRC_CC_OPTS include
      GHC_INCLUDE_DIR and GHC_RUNTIME_DIR for all fptools/ projects.
    - mk/ %.pp suffix rule no longer hardwires in the use of GHC_INCLUDE_DIR;
      just $(CPP_OPTS). ==> If you want GHC_INCLUDE_DIR on the include path, better
      add it to SRC_CPP_OPTS (say) at the point where you need it (ghc/compiler/Makefile
      and ghc/lib/std/Makefile do this now).
    - wipe out the use of -I$(GHC_INCLUDE_DIR) in HC_OPTS in hslibs/; not needed.
    - hslibs/mk/ still define GHC_{IO_}INCLUDE_DIR for the purpose
      of using it when compiling .c files. It should be possible to get rid off it
      by having CC=$(HC), but I haven't imposed that change (yet).