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    Desugaring for "foreign import prim" · 5b7e2a87
    Duncan Coutts authored
    Unlike normal foreign imports which desugar into a separate worker and
    wrapper, we use just a single wrapper decleration. The representation
    in Core of the call is currently as a foreign call. This means the
    args are all treated as fully strict. This is ok at the moment because
    we restrict the types for foreign import prim to be of unboxed types,
    however in future we may want to make prim imports be the normal cmm
    calling convention for Haskell functions, in which case we would not
    be able to assume all args are strict. At that point it may make more
    sense to represent cmm/prim calls distinct from foreign calls, and
    more like the we the existing PrimOp calls are handled.
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