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    [project @ 2001-01-08 12:58:45 by chak] · d82e38d0
    chak authored
    Revision of Marcin's QError module
    * I think, there was a rough consensus that Marcin's module provides the
      right kind of interface for handling "errno"s
    * Malcolm preferred an enumeration, but Marcin made a convincing argument
      that this doesn't go well with architecture-dependent variations of "errno"
    * Recoded the hsc magic into autoconf magic
    * In hsc files, errno constants can be accessed directly; to provide access
      for ordinary Haskell programmer, constants for a range of common symbols are
      provided (their values are determined by configure)
    * Introduced an `Errno' newtype to increase type safety
    * renamed the throwIfXXX functions to throwErrnoIfXXX to have the original
      names available in the language independent MarshalError
    * FIXME: We need a thread local getErrno in the RTS!
    (It all compiles, but is still to be tested.)
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