Commit 66dc6412 authored by panne's avatar panne
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[project @ 2004-06-06 20:59:18 by panne]

* Fixed ANNOUNCE, LICENSE and README handling
* Made binaries explicit
* Small reformatting
parent 100b390e
......@@ -125,38 +125,37 @@ rm -rf ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}
%files -f rpm-noprof-lib-files
%doc %{prefix}/share/doc/ghc-%{version}/ANNOUNCE
%doc %{prefix}/share/doc/ghc-%{version}/README
%doc ghc/ANNOUNCE
%doc ghc/LICENSE
%doc ghc/README
%files prof -f rpm-prof-lib-files
%files doc
%doc docs/building/building
%doc docs/building/
%doc docs/docbook-cheat-sheet/docbook-cheat-sheet
%doc docs/docbook-cheat-sheet/
%doc ghc/docs/ext-core/
%doc ghc/docs/storage-mgt/
%doc ghc/docs/storage-mgt/
%doc ghc/docs/storage-mgt/
%doc ghc/docs/users_guide/users_guide
%doc ghc/docs/users_guide/
%doc hslibs/doc/hslibs
%doc hslibs/doc/
%doc ghc/ANNOUNCE
%doc ghc/LICENSE
%doc ghc/README
%doc html/*
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