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Make build system: RTS should use dist-install not dist -- contains !6821

John Ericson requested to merge wip/rts-dist-install into master

This is the following find and replace:

  • rts/dist -> rts/dist-install # for paths
  • rts_dsts -> rts_dist-install # for make rules

Why do this? Does it matter when the RTS is just built once? The answer is, yes, I think it does, because I want the distdir--stage correspondence to be consistent.

In particular, for #17191 (closed) and continuing from d5de970d I am going to make the headers (rts/includes) increasingly the responsibility of the RTS (hence their new location). However, those headers are current made for multiple stages. This will probably become unnecessary as work on #17191 (closed) progresses and the compiler proper becomes more of a freestanding cabal package (e.g. a library that can be downloaded from Hackage and built without any autoconf). However, until that is finished, we have will transitional period where the RTS and headers need to agree on dirs for multiple stages.

I know the make build system is going away, but it's not going yet, so I need to change it to unblock things :).

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