Commit 0655125f authored by ijones's avatar ijones
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fixed bug where executable sources arent included in sdist

parent 5e0bca9f
......@@ -50,9 +50,9 @@ module Distribution.Simple.SrcDist (
) where
import Distribution.Package(PackageDescription(..), BuildInfo(..), showPackageId)
import Distribution.Package(PackageDescription(..), BuildInfo(..), buildInfo, showPackageId)
import Distribution.Simple.Configure(LocalBuildInfo)
import Distribution.Simple.Utils(setupMessage, moveSources, die, pathJoin)
import Distribution.Simple.Utils(setupMessage, moveSources, die, pathJoin, sequenceMap)
import Distribution.PreProcess (PPSuffixHandler, ppSuffixes, removePreprocessed)
import Control.Monad(when)
......@@ -74,22 +74,30 @@ sdist tmpDir targetPref pps pkg_descr _ = do
setupMessage "Building source dist for" pkg_descr
ex <- doesDirectoryExist tmpDir
when ex (die $ "Source distribution already in place. please move: " ++ tmpDir)
case library pkg_descr of
Just lib -> let srcDir = hsSourceDir lib
tmpLoc1 = pathJoin [tmpDir, nameVersion pkg_descr, srcDir]
in do moveSources srcDir tmpLoc1 (modules lib) (ppSuffixes pps)
removePreprocessed tmpLoc1 (modules lib) (ppSuffixes pps)
Nothing -> return ()
-- FIX: move executables!
-- removePreprocessed tmpLoc1 (allModules pkg_descr) (ppSuffixes pps) (for execs)
let tmpLoc2 = pathJoin [tmpDir, nameVersion pkg_descr]
moveSources "" tmpLoc2 ["Setup"] ["lhs", "hs"]
let targetDir = pathJoin [tmpDir, nameVersion pkg_descr]
-- maybe move the library files into place
maybe (return ()) (prepareDir targetDir pps) (library pkg_descr)
-- move the executables into place
sequenceMap (prepareDir targetDir pps) (map buildInfo (executables pkg_descr))
-- setup isn't listed in the description file.
moveSources "" targetDir ["Setup"] ["lhs", "hs"]
system $ "tar --directory=" ++ tmpDir ++ " -zcf " ++
(pathJoin [targetPref, tarBallName pkg_descr])
++ " " ++ (nameVersion pkg_descr)
system $ "rm -rf " ++ tmpDir
putStrLn "Source tarball created."
-- |Move the sources into place based on buildInfo
prepareDir :: FilePath -- ^TargetPrefix
-> [PPSuffixHandler] -- ^ extra preprocessors (includes suffixes)
-> BuildInfo
-> IO ()
prepareDir inPref pps BuildInfo{hsSourceDir=srcDir, modules=mods}
= do let pref = pathJoin [inPref, srcDir]
let suff = ppSuffixes pps
moveSources srcDir pref mods suff
removePreprocessed pref mods suff
-- |The file name of the tarball
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@
- if there's a flag, --include-preprocessed-sources (or something
better) run the preprocessing phase and include both the
unpreprocessed and the preprocessed sources in the source tarball?
- why does it need configure first?
** clarify description filename issues
- allow foo.hsproj?
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