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More documentation on ComponentLocalBuildInfo.

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......@@ -319,11 +319,24 @@ data ComponentLocalBuildInfo
-- satisfied in terms of version ranges. This field fixes those dependencies
-- to the specific versions available on this machine for this compiler.
componentPackageDeps :: [(UnitId, PackageId)],
-- | The computed 'UnitId' which uniquely identifies this
-- component.
componentUnitId :: UnitId,
-- | Compatibility "package key" that we pass to older versions of GHC.
componentCompatPackageKey :: String,
-- | Compatability "package name" that we register this component as.
componentCompatPackageName :: PackageName,
-- | A list of exposed modules (either defined in this component,
-- or reexported from another component.)
componentExposedModules :: [Installed.ExposedModule],
-- | Convenience field, specifying whether or not this is the
-- "public library" that has the same name as the package.
componentIsPublic :: Bool,
-- | The set of packages that are brought into scope during
-- compilation, including a 'ModuleRenaming' which may used
-- to hide or rename modules. This is what gets translated into
-- @-package-id@ arguments. This is a modernized version of
-- 'componentPackageDeps', which is kept around for BC purposes.
componentIncludes :: [(UnitId, ModuleRenaming)]
| ExeComponentLocalBuildInfo {
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