Commit 256b1918 authored by Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar Herbert Valerio Riedel 🕺
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Repeat execvpe(3) prototype (fup to 7bad9d7d)

This is needed in case `<unistd.h>` was included before "execvpe.h"
w/o `_GNU_SOURCE` set (on Glibc systems)
parent 7bad9d7d
......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ __hsunix_execvpe(const char *name, char *const argv[], char *const envp[]);
# define _GNU_SOURCE
# include <unistd.h>
extern int
execvpe(const char *name, char *const argv[], char *const envp[]);
# define execvpe(name,argv,envp) __hsunix_execvpe(name,argv,envp)
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