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  • v2.8.1.1
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  • v2.8.1.0
  • v2.7.3
    Tag 2.7.3
  • v2.8.0.0
    Notable changes:
      * Use ByteString for GroupEntry/UserEntry
      * Fix `semTrywait` on darwin
      * Fix vanishing environment variables in `System.Posix.Env.ByteString.putEnv`/`System.Posix.Env.ByteString.getEnv`
      * Add missing `setEnvironment` and `clearEnv` to `System.Posix.Env.ByteString`
      * Add support for filepath- with `PosixString` variants
      * Expose `DirStream`, `CDir`, `CDirent` and `DirStreamOffset` (internal API)
      * Add `fdRead`/`fdWrite` with ByteString payload and deprecate String based `fdRead`
      * Add `clocksPerSec`
      * Support wasm32-wasi
      * Implement BaudRate as an `Int` newtype and allow matching via extensible PatternSynonyms
      * Added `readDirStreamMaybe`
      * Warn when functions are used on unsupported platforms
      * Fix the error handling of `posix_fallocate`
      * Export `FileStatus` constructor
      * Various documentation and error message improvements
      * Add openDirStreamFd, openFileAt and createFileAt
      * Add accessors for st_blocks and st_blksize
      * Deal with FreeBSD getpwnam_r(3), ... thread safety.  On FreeBSD these
        are not in fact safe for overlapped execution with a sequence of
        getpwent(3) or getgrent(3) calls when multiple "green" threads share
        the same underlying OS thread.  The *ent(3) calls now run in bound
        threads or else locks are used to avoid overlapped execution.
      * Make passwd/group FFI functions "safe", these are not low-latency APIs.
      * Drop support for non-thread-safe getpwnam(3) and getpwuid(3).  All
        supported platforms have getpwnam_r(3) and getpwuid_r(3).  This was
        already the case for the getgr(nam|gid) calls.
      * Added terminal output flags to `System.Posix.Terminal.Common.TerminalMode`
            VTDLY(VT0,VT1), FFDLY(FF0,FF1)
      * Add support for `O_NOFOLLOW`, `O_CLOEXEC`, `O_DIRECTORY` and `O_SYNC`
        (#6, #57)
      * Refactor API of `openFd` removing `Maybe FileMode` argument,
        which now must be passed as part of `OpenFileFlags`
        (e.g. `defaultFileFlags { creat = Just mode }`)  (#58)
      * Remove deprecated `execvpe(3)` legacy-emulation CPP macro
      * Generalise return type of `exitImmediately` from `ExitCode -> IO ()` to
        `∀a. ExitCode -> IO a` (#130)
      * Add `Read`, `Show`, `Eq`, and `Ord` typeclass instances to `OpenFileFlags` and `OpenMode`. (#75, #141)
  • v2.7.2.2-ghc1
  • v2.7.2.2-r3
    See http://hackage.haskell.org/package/unix-
  • v2.7.2.2
    - Bundled with GHC 8.2.1
    - Improve Autoconf detection of `telldir`/`seekdir` and define
      `_POSIX_VDISABLE` if missing for Android (#91,#90)
    - Fix error message of `createSymbolicLink` (#84)
  • v2.7.2.1
    - Don't use `readdir_r` if its deprecated.
    - Add argument documentation for Env modules
  • v2.7.2.0
    * Bundled with GHC 8.0.1
    * Don't assume non-POSIX `WCOREDUMP(x)` macro exists
    * Don't assume existence of `termios(3)` constants beyond `B38400`
    * Don't assume existence of `ctermid(3)`/`tcdrain(3)`
    * Change `drainOutput`'s `tcdrain(3)` into a `safe` FFI call
    * Turn build error into compile warnings for exotic `struct stat`
      configurations (GHC #8859)
    * Improve detection of `fdatasync(2)` (GHC #11137)
    * Drop support for Hugs
    * Drop support for Cygwin (and Windows in general)
  • v2.7.1.0
     * Bundled with GHC 7.10.1
     * Add support for `base-`
     * Tighten `SafeHaskell` bounds for GHC 7.10+
     * Add haddock comments on `RTLD_NEXT` and `RTLD_DEFAULT`
     * Deprecate function `haveRtldLocal`
     * Fix `getGroupEntryForID/getGroupEntryForName` on Solaris. Solaris uses
       CPP macros for required `getgrgid_r` and `getgrnam_r` functions definition
       so the fix is to change from C ABI calling convention to C API calling
     * Fix potential type-mismatch in `telldir`/`seekdir` FFI imports
     * Use CAPI FFI import for `truncate` to make sure the LFS-version is used.
     * `executeFile`: Fix `ENOTDIR` error for entries with non-directory
       components in `PATH` (and instead skip over non-directory `PATH`-elements)
     * New functions in `System.Posix.Unistd`:
        - `fileSynchronise` (aka `fsync(2)`), and
        - `fileSynchroniseDataOnly` (aka `fdatasync(2)`)
     * New module `System.Posix.Fcntl` providing
        - `fileAdvise` (aka `posix_fadvise(2)`), and
        - `fileAllocate` (aka `posix_fallocate(2)`)
     * Fix SIGINFO and SIGWINCH definitions
  • unix-
     * Handle `EROFS` and `ETXTBSY` as (non-exceptional) permission denied in `fileAccess`
     * Fix `getFileStatus` to retry `stat(2)` when it returns `EAGAIN` (this can happen on Solaris)
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  • unix-
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