Commit 6ab60eaa authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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add 'make release' and 'make upload'

parent 9c8fbc77
RELEASE_DIR = haskell-prime-draft
JFP_DIR = jfp-release
VERSION = 2010
cd tools && make
......@@ -10,22 +9,19 @@ clean:
cd tools && make clean
(cd tools; make)
(cd report; make release)
(cd libraries; make release)
(cd jfp-release; make)
cp report/haskell-prime-draft.html $(RELEASE_DIR)/index.html
cp hprime.png $(RELEASE_DIR)
gzip < jfp-release/ > $(RELEASE_DIR)/
gzip < jfp-release/h98-book.pdf > $(RELEASE_DIR)/h98-book.pdf.gz
cd tools && make
cd report && make
mkdir haskell$(VERSION)
cp report/ht/*.html report/ht/*.png report/ht/*.css haskell$(VERSION)
tar cvzf haskell$(VERSION)-html.tar.gz haskell$(VERSION)
-mkdir $(JFP_DIR)
(cd report; make jfp)
(cd libraries; make jfp)
# If you have an account on, the following rules will upload
# the finished report to the correct places.
UPLOAD_DIR = /home/haskell/onlinereport/haskell$(VERSION)
# Places to change when you change the date of the Report
# h98-revised.html
# report/index.html libraries/index.html
# report/html.config libraries/html.config
# report/haskell.verb libraries/library.verb
ssh $(UPLOAD_HOST) "mkdir $(UPLOAD_DIR) || true"
scp report/haskell.pdf $(UPLOAD_HOST):$(UPLOAD_DIR)
scp haskell$(VERSION)-html.tar.gz $(UPLOAD_HOST):$(UPLOAD_DIR)
ssh $(UPLOAD_HOST) "cd $(UPLOAD_DIR); tar xvzf haskell$(VERSION)-html.tar.gz; mv haskell$(VERSION)/* .; rmdir haskell$(VERSION); rm -f index.html; ln -s haskell.html index.html"
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