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instructions for building the library docs

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......@@ -261,13 +261,7 @@ haskell-librariesx.dvi : sigplan_haskell-libraries.dvi
# changing anything.
# To generate the library docs, we need to run Haddock against the
# modules of the haskell2010 package. The package is here:
# I generated the documentation using a GHC build, but you could
# probably do it using just the package sources, as long as you have
# GHC and all the package documentation installed.
# modules of the haskell2010 package.
# Basically the plan is to run Haddock in the same way as for
# generating the HTML documentation, except that we
......@@ -276,30 +270,37 @@ haskell-librariesx.dvi : sigplan_haskell-libraries.dvi
# * Add --latex-style=NONE to prevent Haddock dumping its haddock.sty
# * Add --odir=$(HADDOCK_DIR)
# So to get started, in a GHC build, you could run
# Hopefully you should be able to modify the variables below to set
# the location of your GHC build and the versions of the relevant
# packages, and then say 'make haddock' to build the docs. Then you
# can use 'darcs whatsnew' to see the differences between what you
# just generated and what is checked into the repository.
GHC_BUILD = /home/simonmar/builds/testing
# Change these to match the current versions. Use
# $ cd libraries/haskell2010
# $ make html stage=0 FAST=YES
# $(GHC_BUILD)/inplace/bin/ghc-pkg list
# And grab the Haddock command line that the build system emits.
# to find out what they should be.
# The following rules will probably need a lot of manual modification,
# sorry about that.
HASKELL2010_PKG = haskell2010-
BASE_PKG = base-
ARRAY_PKG = array-
# Set this to Haddock (version 2.8 or later with the LaTeX back-end)
HADDOCK = /home/simonmar/builds/testing/inplace/bin/haddock
GHC_PRIM_PKG = ghc-prim
# Set this to the location of the libraries in a GHC build
LIBDIR = /home/simonmar/builds/testing/libraries
HADDOCK = $(GHC_BUILD)/inplace/bin/haddock
LIBDIR = $(GHC_BUILD)libraries
haddock :
$(HADDOCK) --odir=$(HADDOCK_ODIR) --no-tmp-comp-dir \
--latex --latex-style=NONE \
--title="haskell2010- Compatibility with Haskell 2010" \
--read-interface=../ghc-prim,$(LIBDIR)/ghc-prim/dist-install/doc/html/ghc-prim/ghc-prim.haddock \
--read-interface=../array-,$(LIBDIR)/array/dist-install/doc/html/array/array.haddock \
--read-interface=../base-,$(LIBDIR)/base/dist-install/doc/html/base/base.haddock \
--optghc=-package-name --optghc=haskell2010- --optghc=-hide-all-packages --optghc=-i --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/. --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build/autogen --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build/autogen --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/. --optghc=-optP-include --optghc=-optP$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h --optghc=-package --optghc=array- --optghc=-package --optghc=base- --optghc=-package-name --optghc=haskell2010 --optghc=-XPackageImports --optghc=-XCPP --optghc=-no-user-package-conf --optghc=-rtsopts --optghc=-O --optghc=-fasm --optghc=-dcore-lint --optghc=-fno-warn-deprecated-flags --optghc=-odir --optghc=libraries/haskell2010/dist-install/build --optghc=-hidir --optghc=$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build --optghc=-stubdir --optghc=$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build --optghc=-hisuf --optghc=hi --optghc=-osuf --optghc=o --optghc=-hcsuf --optghc=hc \
--read-interface=../$(GHC_PRIM_PKG),$(LIBDIR)/ghc-prim/dist-install/doc/html/ghc-prim/ghc-prim.haddock \
--read-interface=../$(ARRAY_PKG),$(LIBDIR)/array/dist-install/doc/html/array/array.haddock \
--read-interface=../$(BASE_PKG),$(LIBDIR)/base/dist-install/doc/html/base/base.haddock \
--optghc=-package-name --optghc=$(HASKELL2010_PKG) --optghc=-hide-all-packages --optghc=-i --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/. --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build/autogen --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build/autogen --optghc=-i$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/. --optghc=-optP-include --optghc=-optP$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h --optghc=-package --optghc=$(ARRAY_PKG) --optghc=-package --optghc=$(BASE_PKG) --optghc=-XPackageImports --optghc=-XCPP --optghc=-no-user-package-conf --optghc=-fno-warn-deprecated-flags --optghc=-odir --optghc=libraries/haskell2010/dist-install/build --optghc=-hidir --optghc=$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build --optghc=-stubdir --optghc=$(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/dist-install/build --optghc=-hisuf --optghc=hi --optghc=-osuf --optghc=o --optghc=-hcsuf --optghc=hc \
$(patsubst %, $(LIBDIR)/haskell2010/%, $(addsuffix .hs, $(subst .,/,$(LIB_MODULES))))
for i in $(LIB_TEX); do \
sed 's/instance\(\\ [^\]*\)*\\ ReadP\($$\|\\\\\)//g' $$i | \
......@@ -19,6 +19,48 @@ make targets
haddock re-generate the library documentation using Haddock
(see Makefile for instructions)
Re-generating the library documentation using Haddock
The documentation for library modules is generated automatically by
Haddock ( from the library source code.
You don't need Haddock to build the report though - the generated .tex
files have been checked into the repository.
The library specifications generated for the Haskell 2010 report were
generated using libraries from these repositories:
base (
ghc-prim (
integer-gmp (
array (
haskell2010 (
each of the repositories was tagged with
"Haskell 2010 report generated"
at the point the libray module documentation was generated, so you
should be able to reproduce exactly what is checked into the
Right now, the only practical way to re-generate the library module
documentation is to have a GHC build. Fortunately building GHC isn't
that hard these days: go to
and follow the instructions. Make sure you don't disable
documentation building, i.e. don't set HADDOCK_DOCS=NO in your
mk/ configuration file.
When you have built GHC
To update the library documentation see the Makefile, in the section
"Haddock-generated library docs".
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